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Beit Yaaqov is an International  (non-profitable) organisation dedicated to the Heavenly Holy Mission of the Torah. Beit Yaaqov welcome souls of all tribes across the globe to experience the true repentance and join hands in this Holy Mission. Come! let us unite all the houses of (Efrayim/ Manasseh/  10 Tribes) and gentiles from the house of Israel. The house of Efrayim reconciling with the house of Yehudah to bring love, peace (shalom) and harmony to the mankind under the divine mandate of Mashiach.

I have read the  below terms and conditions of Beit Ya’aqov International and are in agreement with these terms and conditions.

Beit Ya’aqov International terms and conditions for members


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Kindly fill the form, add your picture, and become united with Beit Ya’aqov International. Donate your yearly 10$ Membership fee via our (click) donate page’

After receiving your fee and picture it takes around 25-30 day’s when you receive your National Ephraim Identity Cart in your mail box.

Example:    ID card

After filling in, sending picture and sending the fee we Pray that you shall be blessed in Messiah Ben Yoseph  as we love to call Yeshua Our Mashiach with Health, Wisdom and good Parnasse and that we all shall be soon assembled, in Love and Obediance to HaShem, independed around the Jewish Nation to defend (protect) all the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and the Jewish People from enemies and his friends. In the Land, your inheritance: Eretz Israel.


In the Love of Most Holy Ancient one of Israel- BeitYaaqov Team

Note: Beit Ya’aqov International is a non-profit organization and the membership fee go’s to the Ephraim National Fund.

Bait Ya’qov International is an Ephraim Agency.

Bait Ya’aqob International is a Union of the Lost sheep from the House of Israel.

 Our function is to be:  the ‘Administration’ of the Lost sheep from the House of Israel.

To be: an ‘advocate’ for every individual of Bait Ya’aqov International.

As the Ephraim Agency, this administration hopes to grow out into a Holy Nation devoted to Most High:

And the remnant: of the dispersed ones from the old Northern Kingdom of Israel and their friends. Who are spread out in/over all the Nations of this world!

The base of our constitution is:

To  calling back, uniting of all the Lost Sheep of the House Israel through Messiah Ben Yoseph with His Divine Mandate: ( Devarim/ Deuteronomy  30 : 1-10 )

This means that all ‘contracts’ between Bait Ya’aqov International and others are based on Devarim( Deut 30: 1-10)

For an organization, or others, this means:

Bait Ya’aqov International doesn’t take over that organization. But an organization, or others, comes in agreement that Bait Ya’aqov International is:

  • The administration of all the Sheep from the House of Israel, the Ephraim Agency.
  • The Representative: of the people from Beit Ya’aqov International.
  • To, Present before the Jewish Nation of Israel and the rest of world.

That organization, or others (members), shall stay complete in depended on their own organization, by signing a contract in everything, in her personal calling, activities and her obligations to other countries and parties. Beit Ya’aqov International doesn’t interfere in their operations and it is not an umbrella for that organization.

If an organization, or others (members),After understanding the both parties and who comes in an agreement with Beit Ya’aqov International than she/he ‘declares’ that Beit Ya’aqov International is the administration of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, their Ephraim Agency. And Pray, hopes, advocate the speedily Restoration of the in depended Nation: As a  Bait Israel,  it is based on Messiah Ben Yoseph and His Divine Mandate Devarim/Deuteronomy  30 : 1-10.

Shalom – BeitYaaqov Team